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CoupDog and ECRS: Partnering to Accelerate Digital Coupon Adoption

CoupDog is pleased to announce our partnership with ECRS ( a leading provider of Point of Sale (POS) software. ECRS’s software powers thousands of Retailers across multiple categories, including the high- volume conventional and natural grocery markets, where ECRS is an industry leader.

Leveraging modern, cloud-based architectures, CoupDog and ECRS have created a seamless cloud-to-cloud integration. This partnership enables ECRS retailers to activate digital coupons within days, significantly reducing the cost and complexity typically associated with adopting digital coupon technology.

Components include:

1. Integration with the core Catapult POS Unified Transaction allows realtime acceptance, validation, and redemption of CoupDog coupons in high volume transaction environments.

2. Integration with the WebCart eCommerce platform: which enables retailers to create a single customer sign on experience and to provide a personalized digital coupon gallery where customers can easily discover and clip coupons. These coupons can then be redeemed both online and in-store.

CoupDog and ECRS are also collaborating on an exciting roadmap of future features including: advanced coupon targeting & personalization tools, an AI-driven recommendation engine and a comprehensive in-store activation toolkit.

A number of Retailers have already adopted the CoupDog-ECRS digital coupon solution including:

• Fresh Encounter’s - Remke Market

• North State Grocery’s Holiday Market & Sav-Mor Foods banners

A number of additional Retailers will be activated on the program shortly.

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