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Bringing True Innovation to Digital Coupons

CoupDog has combined a secure, scalable distributed ledger using Blockchain technology and integrated it with the latest mobile wallet platforms from Apple and Google, as well as Retailer Load2Card platforms.


Distributed ledger technology stores digital coupons in a cryptographically secure and highly controllable manner.


Native wallets give consumers an easy to use, convenient method to save and present offers.


Real-time data is available across the consumer journey, from discovery to redemption. 


Pure digital approach significantly reduces costs for both retailers and brands. Eliminates fraud & misredemption.


Easy, Convenient & Secure for Consumers

Best of both worlds. CoupDog supports deep integration with Retailer Load2Card platforms and extends this with a complementary new Universal Mobile Coupon (UMC) format that allows coupons to be easily & securely discovered anywhere. 

New UMC Format - Discover Anywhere

CoupDog’s new UMC format allows consumers to add a coupon in 2 clicks from any point of discovery for redemption at their favorite Retailer, in-store or online.  


This exciting new format opens new channels for Brands & Retailers to connect with customers and motivate purchases. Each coupon has a unique ID, secured by Blockchain and burned after single use. Streamlined for consumers - no app downloads, no requirements to register.

Blockchain Manages the Coupon Lifecycle

CoupDog uses Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology to manage the complete lifecycle of each digital coupon. From issuance through to redemption, Blockchain provides the 'Settlement Rails' and rich data analytics, as well as eliminating the traditional role of third-party coupon clearing houses.     

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CoupDog is led by experienced technology entrepreneurs with significant experience in Retail & CPG, and work with a talented engineering and customer support team. 


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